Hardwood Floor
We are introducing to the market a new type of broom. This broom is made from a
special grass which grows in high mountain areas in Southeast Asia. The broom
has soft bristles so it is very easy to use. It's made specially to clean hardwood
floors. With soft bristles,  
the broom won't scratch the floors but shine them
This is the best cleaning tool for hardwood floors  
It is very convenient , you can clean a large hardwood floor in a few minutes,
quickly, much more faster than several other types of cleaning tools currently on
the  market. This broom is durable,it will last for years . With a light weight and a
unique design, you just need only one hand to sweep the floor , so it makes your
job easy, and saves your time,  everyday , every time you use it.
    Our products are great
for the environment
Below are some pictures of the  hardwood floor broom
The broom has more cleaning power ! You will find out where and what you can
do more with the broom and why we even call it
Universal broom in the Products  page
of our site .
Hardwood Floor Broom
The broom ( picture above, right ) is made with bamboo handle , soft
grass bristles weaved with rattan string. It is excellent for decoration
also. The brooms have been fumigated to kill all insects if there were
+ Specification :  - handle length : 26"
                    -  grass part       : 16"
                    -   overall             : 42"
Please note that this broom is designed to use with one hand so the
handle is rather short if comparing with other sweeping brooms.
Our price :  (smooth bamboo handle broom }

- 1 broom     : $10.00 + $5.00 shipping

- 2 brooms  : $20.00  + $7.50 shipping

- 10 brooms and up : $10.00/ea + Free shipping

       We're sorry. We ship to US addresses only.